Storage and container packing station

Directly adjacent to our office building in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg, we own a 4.000 square meter yard which we use flexibly for stuffing containers, storing empty containers, vehicles, robust cargo and carrying out other services for you.

Our roofed storage facility of about 100 square meters can be used as a buffer for sensitive cargo.

Various forklifts of different sizes allow us to handle your cargo flexibly - up to moving your empty or laden containers with our 32 tons forklift.


Closely cooperating with storage operators, we have at our disposition exquisite storage capabilities.

We are able to cover the following extra services:

  • storage on a roofed area of 8.000 square meters (expandable on request)
  • loading and unloading of containers
  • short- and longterm storage in an open bonded warehouse (C- and D-type)
  • distributing and consignment warehouse
  • palletization and sorting
  • assembly, commission and distribution
  • (re)packaging
  • labeling of all kind
  • repair and marking
  • sampling and sending samples
  • quality and quantity inspections
  • issueing tailored shipping documents
  • order processing
  • post-production / maintenance and repair
  • processing of empties
  • storage of assortments
  • return management